GEOLN.COM is the largest real estate search engine from developers and owners.

Real estate without intermediaries on GEOLN.COM

We do not sell real estate. We help you find offers that match your request. It is free.
You set up search filters — we find the best offers and show them for comparison.

Why to use GEOLN.COM ?

In order not to have dozens of different sites and tabs open, and not to compare prices manually.
We have already done everything for you. We have legally checked the developers, placed promotions, current prices, convenient search filters, information about construction companies, etc.
Experienced buyers use GEOLN.COM, so it takes them less than 45 seconds to find a verified property.

The price, which you see on GEOLN.COM, is final. We show the price put by the developer and owner without agency fees and doubtful overpayments.

Fair price
without commissions

Services by GEOLN.COM for those who want to find and buy real estate can be ordered additionally. Read more......
User, who is registered on GEOLN.COM, can see the developer's contacts, ask questions online about the selected project, or order a call back from the developer.


On GEOLN.COM you contact the developer or owner of resale property directly. And we care what happens to you after that.

We checked everything for you

We are your "lawyers" in the real estate market. Read more…
We check all companies and show only reliable ones with verified documents, construction permits, and a portfolio of completed projects. And if something goes wrong, we will help you with tips and necessary contacts.
verified property without intermediaries

You can see all the properties on a large map with filters!

Where do we get real estate from?

From developer
From owner
Construction companies send us all the relevant documents, undergo a multi-level verification procedure and comprehensive checks by GEOLN.COM experts.

We check everything from the quality of construction to permits and the history (reputation) of the developer.
We check the owner's documents so that you are sure that you are not dealing with a realtor, but directly with the owner of the property.

The property owner publishes high-quality photos, descriptions, and personal contacts for communication. You as a buyer can write to the owner directly in the chat on GEOLN.COM.


Selection of properties that match your request + expert advice.
A car with a driver is at your disposal. We will take you along the specified route.
See the property, city, and infrastructure
Promotion. Standard price -100$
Promotion. Standard price -100$
Cash back in case of purchase

Verification of contracts, protection of interests, adaptation to the client's interests.
Increased guarantee for the transaction - expert support.
Purchasing real estate remotely - without visiting the country of investment.
Professional legal practitioners.
Эксперты рынка #1 в мире.
Cash back in case of purchase

Free tour for real estate!

The best way to get acquainted with the country where you buy real estate. The tour is free in case of purchase of real estate.
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